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A More Efficient Workforce Strategy Customized to Meet Your Exact Needs

What makes Extra Help stand out from other employment services is the quality of the candidates we place with our clients. When Extra Help opened for business more than 16 years ago, we saw that the skill levels of the candidates other employment agencies were providing often failed to meet expectations of their clients.

We take the time to learn how your business operates and get a feel for your company’s culture. As we review each applicant, we focus on both the technical skills required for the job and the soft skills that determine if that person will really fit in well with your company.

The result is that our clients find they no longer have to call multiple employment agencies to find adequate candidates to fill their staffing needs. They make one call to Extra Help and know they will get the most qualified people available.

That’s why Extra Help has become the choice of more and more growing mid-sized companies for employment services. We want to be your choice, too, your choice for all your employment services needs from last minute temporary staffing positions to highly qualified, permanent direct hires. For more information on our employment services, contact Extra Help today.

 We Build Trusted Partnerships

Our secret is that we don’t just become a supplier to our clients—we become partners. We immerse ourselves in your business to really understand the unique skill sets you require to be successful. Using our consultative approach, we build a process for hiring and screening tailored to your individual needs.

Then, we continuously recruit, based on your criteria, to make sure the help you need is ready when you need them. The result is a hassle-free process for filling any staff need that may arise, any time throughout the year.

A Strategy Customized to Your Needs
By taking the time to understand the hiring issues you have, we are able to customize a package of employment services based on your needs, not ours. From specific testing requirements to all the paperwork you require, Extra Help provides the exact employment services you need.

So, whether you need seasonal staffing, a recruiter to fill a key specialized role, advice on employment law or regulations, comprehensive drug test or an employee screening program, or just more support for your HR team, Extra Help is ready to partner with you.

One Call Does It All

One call to Extra Help really does do it all for employee placement:

  • Temporary Staffing Positions
  • Temporary-to-Permanent
  • Direct Hire

Companies in many growing sectors including manufacturing, construction, mining, distribution, transportation, warehousing and healthcare are all partnering with Extra Help for their employment service needs. Look to Extra Help for clerical, office administration, general labor, medial support staffing, accounting and more. We’ll find the right candidates for you. Give us a call or contact us online and we’ll show you how a partnership with Extra Help will make your business run better. 

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